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Diva Cup

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The DivaCup™ replaces traditional tampons and pads, and save quite a bit of money!  Diva Cups are sanitary, comfortable, reliable, and convenient.  Most of us here at Jillian's Drawers use Diva Cups and would never switch back! A Diva Cup holds one full ounce (30 ml). Since an average cycle is 3-4 ounces (90-120 ml), women usually find that the cup is not even half full after 12 hours.

The vagina is continually self-cleansing, washing away dead cells and bacteria.  Tampons absorb the natural fluids, which then causes dryness.  The DivaCup™ is non-absorbent and simply collects the menstrual flow, leaving the natural moisture level in the vagina undisturbed. Truly more comfortable!

Depending on your flow, empty the cup 2-3 times per 24 hour day, wash and reinsert.  It can be worn up to 12 hours, even overnight. The DivaCup™ is ideal for all activities including swimming, camping, backpacking, and travelling.  It is suitable for all menstruating women of all ages.

Size 1: for women under 30 years old who have never had vaginal childbirth or c-sections
Size 2: for women who have had vaginal childbirth or c-sections and for women over 30 who have never had childbirth

Pair up with a Mini Size organic
pad from Imse Vimse or organic cotton Natracare liners!

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DivaCup Quick Facts

It's no wonder why every woman dreads 'that time of the
month'. If you've ever…

  • co-opted toilet paper from a public washroom as
    a temporary measure
  • planned a vacation around your period
  • avoided white pants for that one 'special' week of
    the month
  • done a supplies hand-off with a girlfriend while
    the dates weren't looking
  • cautiously tucked the telltale string into your bikini
  • accidentally pulled a mystery object from your
    purse in front of a curious male audience
  • scuttled to the washroom to survey the leak
    damage after a sudden 'surge'
  • clogged your toilet with "flushable" feminine
  • left a party with a jacket tied around your waist

…then The DivaCup™ is the feminine protection product for you! No more worrying about embarrassing leaks, stockpiling endless varieties of tampons and pads or constantly searching for the ladies room.

Not a tampon. Not a pad. Finally a better way!

The DivaCup is a comfortable, reliable and convenient menstrual solution. Worn internally like a tampon, The DivaCup is reusable for many years, and is a more economical and eco-friendly way to deal with your period.

Design - The innovative DivaCup design features easy-grip ridges, convenient flow measurements, soft, flexible stem for comfort and easy removal. Designed to hold one full ounce (30 ml), The DivaCup is capable of accommodating even the heaviest flows (an entire cycle is only an average of 3 to 4 ounces or 90 to 120 ml).

 Convenient - With nothing to buy and nothing to throw away, The DivaCup is convenient and worry-free. Enjoy swimming, running, cycling, backpacking, camping, traveling and forget about your period.

The Healthy Choice - The serious and sometimes fatal
Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS) is caused by toxin producing strains of the Staphylococcus aureus
bacterium and has been linked to high absorbency and
prolonged use of tampons.

The DivaCup does not interfere with your body's own
defenses making it the healthy choice. Because The
DivaCup is non-absorbent and does not dry out the
vaginal walls, it has never been associated with TSS.

Eco-Friendly - With landfill and pollution problems on the rise, everything we can do to reduce our eco-footprint helps. In 1998, 7 billion tampons and 13 billion sanitary pads and their packaging were disposed into landfills and sewage systems in the U.S.

No more hassle - With The DivaCup, you don't need to
spend your time searching for a bathroom, hiding
tampons or pads in pockets, or constantly worrying about leakage or unpleasant odour. Because it's suitable for both your light days as well as your heavy days, there's no more guessing as to which kind of product you will need.