Boppy Pillow with Slipcover

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Named the #1 baby product for five years in a row, the Boppy infant support pillow has become an essential must-have item for every mom-to-be. No wonder it’s the most popular baby shower gift in America. And now this beloved product is even better--with a new Miracle Middle® stretch panel to fit every waist size. So now every mom and dad can feed their baby in an ergonomically correct position, with support for tired arms and necks. And it’s still the best spot for babies lying, playing and learning to sit.

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What makes the Boppy Pillow so popular:
  • New Miracle Middle® stretch panel to fit every waist size
  • Feed baby in an ergonomically correct position
  • Provides support for tired arms and necks
  • Best spot for babies lying, playing and learning to sit
  • Versatile- many uses as your baby grows
  • Slip cover included- easily removable


It’s a little harder than it looks when you’re just a beginner.

As your baby’s trunk muscles get stronger, you can use your Boppy pillow to prop him up so he can practice sitting. Add some toys and a play mirror to look into, and baby will forget he’s working those abs. Before long, he’ll be sitting like a pro. And of course, the Boppy pillow is always there to add some cushioning in case sitting turns into toppling over.


The Boppy pillow offers ergonomically correct support for you and baby while nursing or bottle feeding, so you can hold him to your heart’s content. It’s also a cozy, safe nest where your baby can lie on tummy or back and check out the world. Later, the Boppy pillow will give welcome support as he learns to sit. And as your child grows, it will continue to offer comfy support while reading or watching TV.


It's a great big magical world out there. Especially if you've never seen it before. That's why babies love to be propped up in their Boppys to take it all in. Even brand new babies. You can easily take your Boppy from room to room, so baby knows you're always there. And propping up after feeding reduces reflux. That's good because reflux makes babies a little cranky, and sometimes a little messy.

Tummy Time

Strengthens the muscles babies need to (watch out mom) CRAWL.

Your Boppy pillow is just what the doctor ordered for tummy time. Try placing baby on his tummy with arms extended over the Boppy pillow. Place a mirror and toys within baby’s reach to keep him interested so that he extends his play time.

98% of Boppy® pillow owners say it’s the best functioning feeding pillow. (The other 2% were probably nursing at the time and couldn’t answer the phone.)

How the Boppy pillow helps keep baby right where she belongs, close to your heart.

In an ergonomic study, results showed that the Boppy pillow provides the support you need to reduce strain on your arms, shoulders and neck, whether you choose to nurse or bottle feed. That’s because when you slip the Boppy pillow around your waist, your baby is supported at breast level. So instead of leaning forward and straining your muscles, you sit in a more upright and comfortable position. Your arms can also rest on the pillow top, giving you even more support. That will come as a welcome relief when your baby gets bigger and feeding times get longer.

Bottle Feeding

Moms and dads, grandmas and grandpas, everyone feeding baby will appreciate the comfortable support of the Boppy pillow. Just slip the Boppy pillow around your waist and place baby’s back or side on the pillow. Let your arms rest on the pillow, too, for even more support. It’s so easy, you might even let big brother feed the baby, and perhaps delay a little sibling rivalry.


Cradle Hold

The cradle hold is the most common nursing position, with baby positioned on her side and supported in the comfy nest of the Boppy pillow. Slip your Boppy pillow around your waist, wrap your arms around baby and place the base of her head in the crook of your arm. Support her back with your forearm, and the buttocks or thighs with your hand. Your opposite hand can support the breast if needed. Be sure to rest your arms on the pillow to relieve pressure and fatigue.

Football Hold

The football position is another popular way to nurse baby, especially if you’ve had a Caesarean, or if you’re feeding a preemie or twins. Place the Boppy pillow around your waist and sit tall in a chair or sofa. Baby’s head and back are supported along the side of the Boppy pillow as you help guide his legs behind you. Your opposite hand can support the breast if needed.

Side-Lying Position

In the side-lying position, you can nurse baby while you rest in bed. Use your Boppy pillow to support your shoulders and neck, then cradle baby into your side, pulling his belly close to yours.