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Earth Mama Organics Nipple Butter

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Made in USA

Natural Nipple Cream is a rich, all-natural and plant-based balm made with certified organic oil infused with healing herbs such as calendula, as well as healing cocoa butter, shea butter and mango butter. This luscious nipple cream blend helps protect and moisturize your nipples in order to prevent them from becoming sore and cracked. It is safe for both nursing mamas and babies and it contains no lanolin.

Nourish and protect your nipples with this organic nipple cream so you can nourish your angel baby...naturally.

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Natural Nipple Butter

Sweetie, you got sore nipples? Has Mama got the Nipple Butter for you. The first organic, all natural, plant-based balm created without lanolin, so it’s certified vegan too. Earth Mama Angel Baby’s Natural Nipple Butter is a rich, organic cream, made with cocoa butter, shea butter, mango butter and healing calendula. It's safe for both nursing mamas and babies — no need to wash it off before nursing — and it’s hospital recommended!

We all know that breastfeeding is a wonder of nature, and the best way to nourish your new little one. But sore nipples are no petty predicament. Sore and cracked nipplescan diminish some of the joy of nursing, so keeping them nourished, protected and moisturized helps you as you nourish your angel baby — naturally.

Why lanolin-free? Lanolin is used as a moisture barrier, but some are concerned about trace pesticide and antibiotic residue. Another concern is wool allergy. We’re here to ease your concerns, not add to them, that’s why all our products are organic, toxin-free, cruelty-free and certified vegan.