Lamby Cuddle Rug in Gift Box, 24" x 36"

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Special Wool Care

We LOVE Lambys! Because babies love them! They are instantly warm and soft to the touch, wrap baby in warmth, and comfort baby. After a few days they will begin to have baby's scent in them, making them instantly comforting for babies, even in new environments.

The Lamby Lambskin Cuddle Rug soothes and caresses like a parents loving arms, allowing baby to snuggle up, fall asleep quickly and stay asleep longer. Warm in Winter, cool in Summer, all natural and medical quality.  Machine washable. Approx. 24" x 36". Naturally flame retardant, due to wool's properties.

LAMBY is an Australian lambskin which is tanned and clipped to comply with the Australian Wool Corporation Specification A134 for medical quality skins. Comes packaged in a green gift box.

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What makes the Lamby Cuddle Rug so popular:
  • Keeps baby cool in summer and warm in winter
  • Wool is naturally flame-resistant and breathable
  • Research has shown that premature babies placed on lambskin gained more weight than babies placed on conventional bedding
  • Machine washable
  • In general, helps baby sleep better and longer
  • Consistent use fosters a secure, safe, recognizable feeling for baby in any environment or location
  • All-natural, medical quality
  • Packaged in a green gift box
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How they work:

Merino sheep have been bred over the centuries to produce fine, soft wool.  When the Merino is crossbred with one of the English breeds, known for their strength of fibers, the result is a luxurious fleece which is soft, strong and dense.  Unlike the synthetic fiber, each natural wool fiber has a “memory” which allows it to return to its' original position even when it has been folded or subjected to heavy weights. 

When to use: 

Because air circulates freely between the fibers creating an insulating effect, Lamby can be used summer and winter.  Experiments in Northern Queensland, which is very hot and humid, proved lambskin to be beneficial in the prevention of heat rash.  In humid conditions, air the lambskin more frequently. 

How to use: 

Baby should use Lamby continually, in the bassinet, bed, carrier, stroller, and car seat, even on the floor.  It is preferable not to cover the lambskin with a sheet as this reduces its effectiveness.  However, placing a diaper under the head and buttocks while baby is small will prevent minor soiling.   

For maximum benefit, baby should lie directly on  Lamby.  In hot weather, dress baby in as few clothes as possible.  On very hot days, use just a diaper, and cover with a light sheet.  In cold weather, body contact with the lambskin should be as complete as possible or upon following the advice of your pediatrician.

LAMBY is safe: 

Wool is naturally flame resistant.  Air circulates freely between the fibers.  Lamby promotes the “BACK TO SLEEP” campaign, which recommends placing baby on their back for the sleeping position or following the advice of your pediatrician.

LAMBY is an Australian lambskin which is tanned and clipped to comply with the Australian Wool Corporation Specification A134 for medical quality skins. 

Sheepskins were first used as nursing aids to prevent pressure sores of the chronically ill, the immobilized and the elderly patient.  The success of the product lies in the high degree of patient comfort.  The surface of the fleece transmits pressure evenly over a relatively wide area and there is less friction than with conventional bedding.   The wool fibers allow free circulation of air, absorbing up to 33% of their own dry weight of moisture without feeling wet, and dissipate moisture more readily. 

When the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization (CSIRO) developed a tanning process which allowed lambskins to be washed, they began to appear in the neonatal intensive care nurseries. 

The practice of placing infants and small children on lambskins has been growing in Australia and New Zealand over the last thirty years even though there has been no significant sales promotion.  The qualities and the benefits of their use have been spread by word of mouth. Lambskins are now available in the U.K. and Europe and are particularly popular in Germany, Sweden, Japan, Canada and the United States. 

To listen to a mother who has recently acquired a lambskin for her baby is fascinating.  Like the old “Snake Oil” remedies, almost magical qualities are attributed to the product.  To be a little more realistic, lambskins have a whole range of benefits, none of them magic. 

It is impossible to meet a consumer who is not enthusiastic about at least one aspect of their use.