Tripp Trapp Classic Chair

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The chair that grows with the child.

More than a highchair, TRIPP TRAPP is the award-winning childrens chair from STOKKE, available in 11 colors and with a wide range of optional accessories.

Designed to provide the correct ergonomic support for your child when seated, TRIPP TRAPP enables your child to sit at the family table and interact with you and other family members.

The unique adjustability of TRIPP TRAPP in both seat and footrest height and depth adapts to your child as they grow to ensure that your child sits comfortably at all times.

The ability to adjust and raise Tripp Trapp to the correct elevated position at the table makes it easy for you and your child to reach food, toys and utensils. Reduces strain for both you and your child.

Tripp Trapp is made from strong and resilient beechwood. Beechwood possesses durable, strong and elastic properties to ensure your childs safety. A high-quality coating protects and provides a smooth and resistant surface. Tripp Trapp protective coating reduces scratches and makes your highchair easier to clean and maintain.

Tripp Trapp transcends the fashion trends through its aesthetically pleasing and timeless design. Ensures longevity.

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What makes the Tripp Trapp so popular:
  • Ergonomic design
  • Adjustable height and depth of seat plate
  • Adjustable height and depth of foot rest
  • Can be used safely and comfortably from 6 months up to the teenage years
  • Meets and complies with all international safety standards
  • Provides the ideal position for eating, playing and socializing around the family dinner table
  • Makes it easy for you and your child to reach food, toys and utensils, reducing strain for you both
  • Made from strong and resilient beechwood
  • Protective coating reduces scratches and makes for easy cleaning and care
  • Timeless design
  • Wide range of accessories available