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Lanolin Soap Wool Wash Bar by Sheepish Grins

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Made in USA

Sheepish Grins Wool Wash Bar is a HARD bar of soap! Long lasting with superior cleansing properties. This stuff has removed oatmeal, strawberries, and of course, poo!  Delicately scented and enriched with lanolin to condition your wool and your hands.

One wool wash bar can last up to two years if using for occasional spot treating of wool covers.  One bar will last 6 months if using for regular washing of wool covers. Approx 4 oz.

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SKU: 7139-4oz-lavender
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Scent: Lavender  Sweet Orange  Rosemary Mint



How to Use

If your wool cover becomes soiled, we recommend washing the soiled area immediately with this bar to prevent any staining.  Then just hang dry and reuse.