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Super Undies Pull-On 2.0 Potty Training Pant - NEW VERSION!

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Note, these are the latest version! Save money with cloth training pants! See video below!

"Training pants teach kid heroes that there is a place to go, and in a diaper is not it. Therefore, all training pants are largely ineffective if they do not allow the hero to feel wet when they slip up." Super Undies are fantastic USA-made training pants! The new pull-on version is the simplest, most like disposable training pant, and extremely leak-proof. Trim, soft and easy to pull up and down! Toddlers feel the wetness with these trainers, making potty learning easier. There are no irritating snaps with this new version, just thin stretchy sides. Two way sleeve allows for more absorbency to be added!

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What makes Super Undies Pull On Potty Training Pants so popular:
  • Made from silky soft materials
  • Trim fit!
  • Save money with cloth training pants
  • Easy on and off- no snaps!
  • Made in the USA

What is a Pull-On Trainer?
  • Pull-ons allow for an easier transition from training to post-training followup with Super Undies™ Nighttime Undies, or regular underwear.
  • Pull-ons give the child a greater control over the potty training process. More "I can do it! Let me do it!"
  • Inside mesh of Super Undies... washes well but lets your toddler feel the wetness.