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Super Undies Night Trainers, Bedwetting Pants

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Made in USA

Waterproof and super absorbent for nighttime training with no leaks and lots of comfort! Great for 2-7 year olds! One of the best night time training pants!

These waterproof bedwetting pants are specially designed to bring you maximum absorbency where you need it most. Many other bedwetting pants can take forever to dry, but these dry in just one dryer cycle!
Made in California! See video below!

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Size: Size 1 (28−38lb/3 years)  Size 2 (32−42lb/4−5years)
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What makes Super Undies Nighttime Potty Training Pants/Bedwetting Pants so popular:
  • Waterproof bed wetting potty training pants designed to help your child wake up with dry sheets
  • Internal soaker sewn in to front, wrap around completely for girls, fold in front for boys
  • Fleece covered elastic legs and waist for a comfortable, and more leak resistant fit
  • Excellent for after potty training transitional nights
  • Non-pouffy appearance
  • Easy pull on and off - no snaps

What if your child is a heavy wetter or deep sleeper?

These Nighttime Underwear can usually handle most levels of wetters, although they may require additional absorbency, or to be changed once through the night. You can use one of our Step-up inserts, a diaper insert that you may already have, a wash rag folded in half or thirds, whatever it takes to add more absorbency in there. Some children can pee 16 oz at a time! Fill up a glass and take a look, that's a lot!