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FuzziBunz Perfect Size Diaper

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The latest version! FuzziBunz are one of the "classic" modern cloth diapers. Sounds strange, but it's true! FuzziBunz were one of the very first pocket cloth diapers ever made, and so began a cloth diapering revolution. They are known for they trim fit, easy snaps (adjust waist separately from thighs), and long-life.

NEW! Each diaper includes one cloth diaper and one super absorbent Organic Cotton/Hemp insert

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Size: Newborn (5−12 lb)  Small (7−18 lb)  Medium (15−30 lb)
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What makes FuzziBunz Perfect Size diapers so popular:
  • A wonderful night time diaper - one of the best!
  • The soft outer barrier is waterproof
  • They take about 15 minutes to dry in the dryer
  • They hang dry in a couple hours
  • Stain resistant
  • Microfleece on the inside touches baby's skin, wicking moisture to the insert, keeping baby rash free, dry, and comfortable
  • Great swim diaper
  • The snaps are toddler-proof
  • The pocket style lets you choose the absorbency to fit your baby's needs
  • Just stuff more for night or naps, less for day
  • Great colors to choose from
  • All elastic is encased in the diaper, no rough elastic will ever rub on baby's skin
  • Stitching around elastic creates mini-gussets, keeping messes inside
  • They are known for lasting through several children 
  • Each diaper comes with one organic  cotton/hemp insert