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"You are such a wonderful company.  I was a newbie to cloth 6 months ago and every time I have needed help, you have been there.  Even now... I can call and you patiently help me with whatever I ask.  You take time for the customer and so many companies don't do that any more.  You are definitely a company that I have recommended and will continue to recommend to others for all their baby needs.  Thanks so much Jillian's Drawers."


About Us

Small, but Mighty!

We use our profit to support families. Even though we are small, we are mighty! Every day, business owners decide how to move their business forward. Simply put, we put people before profit, and it guides our every decision. Read below to see how every day we decide to spend our resources. Thank you for your support!

Setting the Example

We are frequently contacted by other businesses, asking how they can model their business after us. It's a great question, and one we love to answer. We demonstrate year after year that it's possible for a small business like ours to offer a great wage, health insurance, paid time off, and more. If we can do, so can every other business. It's just about setting your priorities. Our priority will always put people first.

Who We Are

We are a small, mom-owned, local natural parenting store dedicated to helping you find high quality toys, baby carriers, shoes, breastfeeding products, nursing tops, and of course, cloth diapers!  We absolutely love what we do!

Certified Living Wage Employer

We are now a certified Tompkin's County Living Wage Employer!  All our employees start at $11/hour or higher!

Paid Time Off

Our employees enjoy Paid Time Off! We start with 1 paid week/year for full-time employees (scaled for part-time employees) and add more Paid Time Off each year!

Health Insurance

We now offer health insurance to full-time employees! This is just another way we take all our profit and put it back into helping families!


Flexible Schedule

Our employees also receive as much time off as they need for their family.  Is a child sick?  Or a fun family trip coming up?  We work around everyone's schedule so that everyone can support and enjoy their families!

Work From Home

We are lucky to have an online store, which allows many of our employees to work from home on some days.

Our Honest Opinion

Our primary goal is to help parents who want to cloth diaper and to make it easier.  Not to sell a lot of cloth diapers.  If you see other brands, want to know where to find something we don't carry, or see some cloth diapers at a garage sale and want some honest advice, just contact us. There are many choices out there, and we understand that what works for one parent and baby may not work for another.

We have used many different types of cloth diapers, some with great success, and others that left us disappointed. We only sell cloth diapers that have worked well for us and continue to receive excellent reviews... from moms in our local town to moms across the world.

Our Story

We first opened our doors (literally, our front and back doors from our house!) in 2005 in East Lansing, Michigan.  We started our business to help parents learn how to use cloth diapers, not realizing how quickly we would grow.  Parents would stop by our house on Wednesdays and Saturdays, and we would chat, our babies would play together, and we would learn a little about diapering and lot about parenting!

The small box of diapers in Jillian's room expanded to take over her entire room, then moved to our basement.  Our family moved to Ithaca, New York, and we made sure we had plenty of room to grow.  Well, about a year later, we ran out of space again!

In January of 2008, we opened our first retail store in Ithaca, New York and moved our shipping center to the same building a few months later.  In 2010 we expanded to our current 5,000+ square foot retail store, located on The Ithaca Commons. It's been a wonderful journey, and we thank all the moms, dads, and babies who have made it with us!

Here are our goals:

  • Offer high quality, reliable, easy to use cloth diapers.
  • Offer high quality and safe products for mom and baby.
  • Provide knowledgeable help and support.
  • Ship your order fast, fast, fast!
  • Support businesses that allow moms to work with their babies by their side or offer flexible work schedules.
  • Support businesses that are environmentally friendly.
  • Reuse and recycle.
  • Support local businesses whenever possible.
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